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From 50 an hour

Our Prices

Website Development

Our prices are fair and competitive, we charge on a 15 minute (unless agreed otherwise) price plan. Basic web page prices start at:

  • 1 Page website:       from £100
  • 2 Page website:       from £300
  • 3 Page website:       from £800
  • +3 Page website:     from £1200

A basic web page consists of one static image and text laid out in a simple format.

We are not just a short term company; we also offer you long term web hosting and maintenance packages. Our prices vary from project to project, we build a package that suits your wants and needs at low cost. Please contact us for further information here

Graphic Design

Our graphic design price plans are set differently to our website development. Depending on the magnitude of your project depends on your hourly rate. These prices can be used as a guideline (1 day represents 6 hours):
  • 1 day job:       from £300
  • 2 day job:       from £600
  • 3 day job:       from £900
  • +3 day job:     from £1200

These prices are to be used as a guideline, we can offer lower rates. Please contact us for further information here

  • Contacting Us

    Please Contact us with any queries, questions or even if you just fancy some pointers for your company in the future.
  • What Can Do For You

    Having such talent and experience in Lilac, we strive ourselves on excellence in a range of different areas.
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    Here at Lilac we are still a growing company, but despite this, we consider ourselves to be at the front of development and the design techniques.