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Some of our current clients

We have many clients that have come to us wanting a range of different things produced. Our main focus is on your small business or charity, but we are more than capable of working with larger businesses. As you can read here, at this moment in time we have specialised on working with smaller businesses.

Active Agent

Active agent came to us wanting a website developed for them, they were so happy with the outcome we are now currently in development of producing a second site and further MySQL database.

Implant Vision

Description coming soon..


Description coming soon..


Description coming soon..

Mad Media Productions

Description coming soon..


Description coming soon..

  • Contacting Us

    Please Contact us with any queries, questions or even if you just fancy some pointers for your company in the future.
  • What Can Do For You

    Having such talent and experience in Lilac, we strive ourselves on excellence in a range of different areas.
  • Learn More About Lilac Design

    Here at Lilac we are still a growing company, but despite this, we consider ourselves to be at the front of development and the design techniques.