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Website developer / Graphic Designer FAQ's

Your rates are very low, will I get a poorly developed website because of this?

Definitely not, we take care of each of our customers and manage a strong relationship with each of them. We are economical and offer low costs for high quality, this is because we are a small company who want to achieve excellence at the right price for you.

Will I get a cheap looking website developed?

No, your projects will represent our excellent approach and are custom made from scratch to reflect the look and feel you are asking for.

Are you Experienced website developers?

With many years experience here at Lilac, we consider ourselves at the brink of high design and use the latest techniques.

Will I be downloading / uploading my website myself once I am happy with the outcome?

No, we will upload your website free of charge. If for any reason we may need to download it to make amends, the downloading of the files will also be free of charge.

I don’t want my website to look generic, will I have to pay extra for my website to look unique and fresh?

Lilac Design has a specialised development and design team, your account representative will take you through the steps of your website development:

    • We love talking to our customer to gain a clear idea of their vision.
    • Graphic designers will design you some ideas for you to review and guide us on.
    • Our developers will then start building your website one element at a time.

Will I have to pay for everything up front?

No. Due to the current climate today, we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to pay for quality. We offer a 3 step payment plan, which means that we add your website up to give you an estimate and then we divide that into three.

    1/3 Payment: At the start.
    2/3 Payment: Midway through development.
    3/3 Payment: On completion.

Can you make my website arrive at the top in google?

While developing your website and all its pages we follow all the proper guidelines to keep your website as high up the rankings as possible. We do offer SEO packages that are separate to our website packages.

What kind of Graphic design do you do?

We offer a range of many different designs, looking at the following on a regular basis:

    Car/Vans Decals
    Business Cards
    Branding and Re-branding
    Others upon request

Will I have a lot of say in the design process?

We like to listen and learn from our customers to give them the best experience possible.

What will you need from me to get the website started?

We will need a clear idea of what you are after. This could be a sketch, other people’s work or a detailed description, this is up to you, however you find it easiest to communicate your ideas.

Will I get charged more depending on print or digital?

We offer hourly rates, so you will only be charged for the work we do with no hidden costs.

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